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Art Alive Programming is a variety of PowerPoint (color digital slide) programs presented to residents of independent, assisted living, memory care communities, retirement centers, private clubs, and park districts. Also available for corporate events. Presented in a refreshing series of programs, I share the splendors of art and the lives of artists, art museums, magnificent churches and palaces with dozens of color images, narrated with a lively commentary.

Currently, I have the privilege of working and sharing the programs with more than three dozen Illinois and Florida communities. The presentations stimulate and invigorate the mind, soothe and refresh the soul. At the conclusion of each presentation, we have Q&A, and the attendees are encouraged to speak with one another, sharing their interests and memories of art and museums and the beautiful.

                             ~WHAT WE  LOOK AT       ~WHAT WE TALK ABOUT

                             ~WHAT WE  THINK           ~WHAT WE  REMEMBER

                                                    Sample  PROGRAM  TOPICS

Art Museums Throughout the World

Individual Artists and their Art

The Renaissance in Italy

African Art

History of Photography

Outsider Artists

Regional Artists

Romanesque Art

Ancient Classical Art

The Renaissance in the Low Countries

Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Artists

African-American Artists

Art Nouveau


Art Deco

Gothic Art

Rocco Art


Chicago Museums

Baroque Art and Architecture

Hispanic-American Artists


Romanticism in France, England, Germany


Art of Mexico



Art in the United States

Abstract Expressionism

Dada and Surrealism       


Arts of Asia 

Ming Dynasty Art and Architecture

Religious Art and Architecture           

Great Homes, Estates, & Palaces

Botanical Gardens Throughout the World

Seasonal Holiday Programs

Travelogue Country Programs

Art Alive Programming uses digital slides to share the images. The presentations are shown in large auditoriums, meeting rooms, living rooms, small gathering locations, and private community residential homes. 

Suggest a topic   I will tailor presentations with topics to fit the needs of your community. Have a suggestion? Contact me and let’s discuss your ideas.

Art Making Like an Artist Workshop               We look at slides of art work.  Simultaneously, and with colored pencils in hand, the residents draw pictures inspired by subject matter of the slides. 

I bring all cables and adapters, my laptop, and flash drives necessary to exhibit and share the Art Alive Programming presentation. The PowerPoint programs are shared on a smart TV, the community’s projector and screen, or with my screen and projector.


Questions? Contact Debra: artalive@earthlink.net